Bharatpur has its share of forts and beautiful palaces that are steeped with tales from the past. Bharatpur is a beautiful city in Rajasthan state. It was founded in 1773 by Maharaja Suraj Mal. It is located in Mewat region and is located almost 50 kms from Agra. During the earlier times, Bharatpur was known as an impregnable and well fortified city.

It was the capital of the kingdom ruled by the jat maharajas and it played an important part in the history along with places like Deeg and Dholpur. The royal house of Bharatpur has a history since the 11th century AD and claims their descent from the Yadav vanshi Sindha Pal. Bharatpur is also known as Lohagrah. In this region you will find statues of well-respected royals of Rajasthan.


History states that Bharatpur was named after Bharata, the youngest brother of Lord Rama. Lord Laxman is the family deity of the royal family of Bharatpur. Bharatpur is known to be founded by Lord Aditya Consul in the 17th century. The part of Bharatpur is its location. This location is really convenient for tourists from many states, so that you can easily reach the place. The land keeps history in its heart. Bharatpur tells many stories about Rajasthan Royals of braveries against the attack by Mughals and British. The area is also famous for palaces, forts, and the Rajput and Mughal architectures. These palaces are beautifully built. Each palace and architecture has its own story about their fighters.

Lohagarh fort, Bharatpur fort and Dholpur forts are worth a trip. Jawahar Burj, Fateh Burj palaces and the Bharatpur Lake are also sites worth visiting for their natural beauty. However, the most beautiful monument is the Deeg Water Palace, which was built by Raja Suraj Mahal in the 18th century. It has a very well laid out garden and the most amazing water conservation and natural cooling systems.

If you find watching birds and counting the colorful feathers, then you are welcome to Bharatpur. This is the place that will give you an idea about why Dr. Salim Ali was mesmerized by birds. You will find range of birds in and around the Bharatpur region. These beautiful varieties of birds attract tourists every year and make a great paradise to visit. Bharatpur is synonymous with the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, which is India's most famous bird sanctuary. The marshy wetlands were the hunting grounds of the maharajas and British sahibs.

It is now a protected home for thousands of water birds both local and migratory. You can spend your time watching the wonderful varieties of birds like ducks, geese, strokes, flamingoes, and pelicans that have flown in from distant countries. Prince Bhamil of Morvi was pretty much active in implementation of the region converting into a wildlife reserve. It was practice to that they organize duck shoots almost every year in the honor of Lord Curzon who was Viceroy at that time. Bharatpur also used to be one of the states that located on the edges of famous Thar desert.

Bharatpur welcomes you with all its uniqueness to enjoy all the aspects of this little city.